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History of Fitzgerald's Pub in Avoca aka Ballykissangel


Since 1986 The Kelly Family have owned Fitzgerald’s Pub ‘The Most Famous Pub in Ireland’.  Famous more recently for ‘Ballykissangel’ and ‘Zonad’ which were filmed on location here, but famous for the people who have visited this pub over the years.

Previously known as "The Fountain Hotel & Bar" the pub was visited by Walt Disney, Mae West, the Queen of Tonga, Herman Linders, JM Singe, Thomas Moore and John Bechamen during the last century! It has over 200 years of history and holds a tale or two from the many miners who passed through its doors. It has been known as Fitzgerald's since 1996.

It has only been known as ‘Fitzgerald’s’ since 1996. During the filming of the hugely successful BBC TV Drama ‘Ballykissangel’ the on screen owner of the pub was known as Assumpta Fitzgerald, played by Irish actress, Dervla Kirwan and so The Fountain Bar sign was covered over for filming with the name ‘Fitzgerald’s’. Given the huge following the drama had across the world tourists began flocking to Avoca to see the beautiful village & their first search was for "Fitzgerald's"! So the owners allowed the temporary sign to remain up & it has done so ever since! To the locals though, it is simply Kelly's or "The Fountain".

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Now the story of the centuries in this beautiful place are being retold in storytelling pub nights, where people enjoy traditional Irish food & drinks and listen to the telling of stories from storytellers across County Wicklow.

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Avoca, or Abhóca in Irish, has been at the heart of industry & tourism in Co. Wicklow for hundreds of years. The area was immortalised in the famous Thomas Moore song "The Meeting of the Waters". The scenery & setting are second to none and after you're done exploring you can relax with a Guinness at Fitzgerald's Pub!











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